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Re: Updated: gcc 3.3.3-1, gcc-mingw-20030911-2

On 2003-09-20 19:46, Christopher Faylor wrote:

I've moved all of the latest gcc stuff out of "test" and into "current".
This is the standard gcc 3.3.1 release from + patches from
Danny Smith and (to a vastly lesser extent) me.  If you are interested
in checking these sources out of gcc's cvs repository, the branch tag is
cygming331.  But, please, no questions about where to go or how to do
that on the cygwin list.  Go to for that kind of info.

So the default gcc compiler for cygwin is now gcc 3.3.1.  The 3.2
compiler is currently available as prev, but be advised that if you want
to keep this around, you should make a copy of the tar ball somewhere
since it will disappear when the next gcc update comes out.  I don't
plan on making a gcc32 package available as I did for gcc2.  Not gonna
happen.  Don't even mention it.



You seem to have made a mistake in the subject line, stating about gcc version 3.3.3-1, but no such version exists. It is very confusing, and I believe that everyone will be very happy if you would send a message to the list explaining the problem with a typo. :-) I was just looking at the subject line, and I was very confused. :-)
I am very sorry, if I am not the first one to mention it. :-)


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