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Re: thanks for answer

On Mon, 22 Sep 2003, Habib Ndadouh wrote:

>           ok man i don't know how i do for load tcp/ip stack?and where i
> do that? and where i can configure Browser to use Ethernet to go
> CableModem? because i am new user and sorry because my inglish isn't
> good :) thanks very mucha for your help

Please don't change the subject of every message, especially since your
mailer doesn't provide threading information.  You should also make an
attempt to quote the relevant parts of the message you're replying to.

If you're looking for general help in configuring Windows, this is not the
place to get it.  Try a Windows forum.

If you want to use some Cygwin program to connect to the internet
(whatever that means), please provide more details on what you're trying
to do.  If you had internet connectivity but lost it after installing
Cygwin, please provide the exact symptoms of the problem.  Reading all of
<> might be of help, as well as following
the "smart questions" link and reading all of that.
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