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/bin/kill version 1.14


after an update of a few cygwin components, i have now the problem that some scripts that use 'kill -9' or 'kill -INT' don't work any more. they produce the following output:

Usage: kill [-f] [-signal] [-s signal] pid1 [pid2 ...] kill -l [signal] Send signals to processes

 -f, --force     force, using win32 interface if necessary
 -l, --list      print a list of signal names
 -s, --signal    send signal (use kill --list for a list)
 -h, --help      output usage information and exit
 -v, --version   output version information and exit

the same output appears when i execute a '/bin/kill' command. but when i execute simply 'kill' (without the leading /bin/) the result is different and looks like this:

kill: usage: kill [-s sigspec | -n signum | -sigspec] [pid | job]... or kill -l [sigspec]

if i change the appropriate line in a script to 'kill -s 9' instead of 'kill -9' it works. but i can't change all the scripts. what could be the reason for this behaviour after the few updates i did? why does 'kill' not produces the same output as '/bin/kill'? i wondered if there were two versions of kill in different paths, but i only found one of them....

thank for ideas and help

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