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Re: How does setup.exe cleanup?

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003 wrote:

> Hi,
> I was just wondering, does setup.exe perform any cleaning up of old
> downloaded packages from the local package cache, and if so how?

It doesn't.  Search the list archives for "".

> Also, can I assume that any package file that is on a server will never be
> changed, or are sometimes packages updated without changing the name?
> (even if it is only for a very short period of time)
> Thank you,
> Chris

They shouldn't be.  If they are, it's a bug.  This does occasionally
happen, unfortunately, but screws up pretty much everyone's setup
procedure, so is quickly caught and rectified.

The one time packages keep the name across updates is when packages are
still in the process of being approved (on the cygwin-apps list).
However, this shouldn't be of any concern to the general Cygwin community.

Hope this helps,
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