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Re: Utility to dereference Windows shortcuts?

> > I understand that Windows shortcuts and symlinks are different and the
> > reasons why they are different. However, I want to be able to process
> > files pointed to by Windows shortcuts using Cygwin utilities. In order
> > to be able to do this, I need a utility that will take a Windows
> > shortcut name, xxx.lnk, and return either a Cygwin (preferred) or
> > Windows path to the target of the shortcut. I could then do something
> > like:
> >
> > cyg_utility `shortcut_deref win_shortcut.lnk`
> >
> > Does this utility exist? If not, does anyone have sufficient information
> > on the Windows shortcut structure to allow me to write one?
> >
> > Thanks.
> Take a look at the source of mkshortcut in the cygutils package.  If you
> do write a "readshortcut" program, please consider submitting it to Chuck
> Wilson for inclusion into the cygutils package (as a complement to
> mkshortcut).
> Igor

FYI, the work on this is all done and submitted (as of a couple weeks ago).
readshortcut (part of the cygutils package) is available in the cygutils cvs
tree, and will be included in the next cygutils release.


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