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Re: Tcl/Tk wish shell execution problem under bash

On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 10:43:53AM -0400, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
>On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Jeff Russell wrote:
>> Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
>> >
>> > Can you reproduce the hang by running 'bash -c wish84'?  How about 'bash
>> > --login -i -c wish84'?  If so, the problem might be triggered by the
>> > presence of bash.
>> >
>> The following attempts produce the same hanging behavior:
>>   "bash -c /bin/wish84" from a DOS command shell and a bash (--login -i)
>> shell
>>   "bash --login -i -c /bin/wish84" from DOS shell nd a bash (--login -i)
>> shell
>> However,
>>   "strace -w /bin/wish84" (from a bash shell) works!  (Also confirmed by
>> Felix von Hove)
>> I haven't tried the latest snapshot due to learning curve (in progress).
>> JEff Russell
>This validates my WAG somewhat.  Does "strace -o wish.strace bash -c
>wish84" reproduce the hang?  The reason is that, IIRC, strace uses Windows
>exec mechanisms, rather than Cygwin's, so you need to force Cygwin's exec
>by running bash first.

Also try using a large buffer with strace:

strace -b 1000000 -o wish.strace bash -c wish84

since the large buffer sometimes helps unmask problems which were "fixed"
by the slowdown incurred by running strace.


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