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Re: Tcl/Tk wish shell execution problem under bash

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Jeff Russell wrote:

> Andrew DeFaria asked:
> > > The Tcl/Tk wish shell (wish84.exe) does not properly start/execute
> > > under bash. When launched, the Tk canvas window appears, but the
> > > command prompt window never opens.
> > >...
> > >
> > > Any ideas?
> >
> > Are you running bash under rxvt?
> No, using the standard bash launched with cygwin.bat.
> > Have you tried "wish" from a Windows console running bash?
> Same behavior, wish84 seems to hang.  However, running wish84 directly from
> the Windows console results in normal execution/behavior.
> JEff Russell


Can you reproduce the hang by running 'bash -c wish84'?  How about 'bash
--login -i -c wish84'?  If so, the problem might be triggered by the
presence of bash.  WAG below.

It's possible that wish84 uses some signals that aren't correctly
interpreted by bash in 1.5.4.  There were some signal fixes in the latest
Cygwin snapshot -- please try it: <>.  If you
get the same behavior with the snapshot, please run wish84 under strace.
It would help immensely if you tried interpreting the output somehow
(i.e., does it hang or loop?  if it hangs, what are the last actions?  if
it loops, what does it loop through?).  You may need to strace 'bash -c
wish84' instead.

Hope this helps,
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