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Tcl/Tk wish shell execution problem under bash

The Tcl/Tk wish shell (wish84.exe) does not properly start/execute under
When launched, the Tk canvas window appears, but the command prompt window
never opens. The wish84.exe application seems to hang (an hour-glass appears
with the mouse over the Tk canvas window; a Ctrl-C from bash is ignored, but
a click on the tk-window close results in a Windows pop-up saying the
application is not responding, from which it can be "ended now").
The Tcl-only shell (tclsh) seems to execute properly.
The wish application properly executes when launched from the Windows
Start->Run menu.

Relevent packages: tcltk-20030901-1, cygwin-1.5.4-1, and bash-2.05b-15 (on

I'm not sure how investigate this...some things I tried:
 * recompiled Tcl/Tk from the 20030901-1 source distribution, same behavior.
(Note: a minor fix is required in the file tcl/generic/tclCmdAH.c due to a
symbol conflict with "FILE_EXISTS".)
 * recompiled Tcl/Tk from the 8.4.4 source distribution, same behavior.
(Note: per the instructions that recommend use of the mingGW stuff.)
 * tried running "dumper" on the wish84 process, and dumper itself core
dumped with a segmentation fault.
 * if I start wish84 specifying a script with the line "console show", the
console window is opened, but no command prompt appears (as if it were busy
doing something). If commands are typed into the console window, output
appears in the original bash window.

Any ideas?
JEff Russell

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