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RE: Problem with stopping postmaster with pg_ctl

Igor -
You may be on to something ....

If I say "which kill" at the command line it tells me /usr/bin/kill; if I
echo it out of the script I get the same thing.  If I type
"/usr/bin/kill -15 9999" at the command line I get Usage.  If I type
"kill -15 9999" it works just fine.

John Pagakis

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-----Original Message-----
From: Igor Pechtchanski []
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 1:47 PM
To: John Pagakis
Subject: Re: Problem with stopping postmaster with pg_ctl

On Tue, 16 Sep 2003, John Pagakis wrote:

> I'm trying to get Postgres working under Cygwin.  The good news is, it
> mostly is.  The bad news is, I can't shut it down with pg_ctl.
> I loaded the full Cygwin installation on my Win2K Pro machine, and later
> my XP Pro box.  Both behave the same way.
> When I run pg_ctl stop, it motors for the duration of the wait period and
> then says the postmaster does not shut down.
> Upon further review ......
> It looks like pg_ctl looks through the process list for the Postgres
> and then tries to kill it.  You can specify the shutdown as smart (which
> translates to kill -TERM), fast (kill -INT) or immediate (kill -QUIT).
> When the script hits the kill, I get Usage info on the screen!!  So, the
> interpreter is not seeing this as a valid command line string for kill.  I
> have echoed the command being generated out and it looks fine.  I can take
> that same command and execute it: it shuts Postgres down.
> Why would the interpreter rejecting the command line for kill when it
> appears to be well formed?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You probably have another "kill" in the path before "/bin/kill".  Try
"bash -c 'exec -l sh'", and from there "which kill".

Had you attached the output of "cygcheck -svr", as requested in the
problem reporting guidelines at <>, it
would have provided some information for a more intelligent guess.
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