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Problem with stopping postmaster with pg_ctl

I'm trying to get Postgres working under Cygwin.  The good news is, it
mostly is.  The bad news is, I can't shut it down with pg_ctl.

I loaded the full Cygwin installation on my Win2K Pro machine, and later on
my XP Pro box.  Both behave the same way.

When I run pg_ctl stop, it motors for the duration of the wait period and
then says the postmaster does not shut down.

Upon further review ......

It looks like pg_ctl looks through the process list for the Postgres process
and then tries to kill it.  You can specify the shutdown as smart (which
translates to kill -TERM), fast (kill -INT) or immediate (kill -QUIT).

When the script hits the kill, I get Usage info on the screen!!  So, the
interpreter is not seeing this as a valid command line string for kill.  I
have echoed the command being generated out and it looks fine.  I can take
that same command and execute it: it shuts Postgres down.

Why would the interpreter rejecting the command line for kill when it
appears to be well formed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John Pagakis

"Ideas are more powerful than guns.  We would
 not let our enemies have guns, why should we
 let them have ideas?"
        -- Josef Stalin

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