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Re: Upgrading Cygwin - postinstall difficulties?

On Tue, 16 Sep 2003, Rich Elberger wrote:

> > Well, you shouldn't run setup with Cygwin processes running in the first
> > place.  I've been meaning to add an interactive dialog on failing to
> > replace cygwin1.dll that would let you kill Cygwin processes and retry the
> > replacement, but haven't got to it yet (and probably won't for quite a
> > bit).
> >
> this is difficult to do and keep installation integrity.  better might be
> finding processes/file handles open in the cygwin install area after
> choosing the installation target area, and not allowing install to continue
> until those processes shut down.  this is a classic installation issue,
> and if you don't have cancel and (graceful) rollback, there will be a
> loophole for failure.
> -- rich

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