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Cygwin, Rsync and 8-bit chars (SJIS)

Hi there,

I'm having a problem with SJIS encoded (windows) filenames and rsync'ing
them anywhere.  It doesn't happen for all files and as far as I can make out
the problem occurs when the filename is fully japanese (as opposed to some
english text followed by some japanese text).

One of the bad filenames in question is:

'ls -b's output:


It has a triple-backslash sequence in it, maybe this is the problem?  I'm
not sure how and why it has a triple backslash sequence as the filename
displayed is simply 3 japanese characters.  Anyway, rsync chokes, it says it
cannot find the file and displays the correct (and existing) filename in
japanese (when using a regular bash window)

[some time passes]
I just checked all the errors (about 5% of all japanese files) and the
errors occur in the filenames with double-slash or triple-slash sequences in
them.  Anyone have any ideas 1) how the double/triple-slashes get there in
the first place, and 2) how to fix the problem? 3) why this problem occurs
at all, shouldn't rsync be simply getting the file strings and passing them
onto the file system library or does the file system library do some arsing
about with backslashes because of that c:\ conversion to /cygdrive/c stuff
that cygwin does?  Any way to turn that off if that's the case?


Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert.

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