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Re: Current OpenJade and DocBook SGML status

Hi Ismael,

if you are setting up a new documentation system and you don't have to deal with existing SGML documents, then I strongly recommend you to move to XML docbook. XML docbook gets considerably more development than SGML, which hardly makes any progress anymore these days. Furthermore Cygwin comes with everything necessary to start working with XML docbook: the XML validator xmllint (libxml), the XSL stylesheet processor xsltproc (libxslt), the XML docbook DTD and the latest XSL stylesheets. Cygwin also offers the xmlto frontend to xmllint and xsltproc available, if you don't want to deal with the various commandline switches.

The only drawback that the XSL world currently has, is the non-optimal print output generation, but you can also use the DSSSL stylesheets for that.

If you decide to stick with SGML, I remember from reading the docbook-apps mailing list ( that OpenJade has some problems not present in Jade. So perhaps you want to give Jade a try before getting lost in OpenJade processor problems.

HTH, Patrick


I have been trying to setup a documentation system on my Windows box, using Cygwin, and trying to use OpenJade and the DocBook SGML DTD and stylesheets.

Precompiled binaries downloaded from Markus Hoenicka page don't work for me, they core dump while compiling a SGML sample. Even worse, I have downloaded OpenJade sources from (version 1.3), and after a lot of tweaking to achieve compiling them myself, they also core dump.

I have read about unofficial Cygwin packages, downloadable from, but this URL seems to no longer work.

Any feedback on current OpenJade and SGML software available for a Cygwin platform will be very useful for me, so thanks in advance. I am using Cygwin 1.5.3(0.90/3/2).

Regards, Ismael

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