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Re: emacspeak for cygwin

"Arno Schuh" <> writes:

> Hi,
> is emacspeak for cygwin available? I searched for emacspeak but it returns 0
> matches.

I tried that recently:
emacspeak-18.tar.gz can be built from source with no modification.
(when it runs it can't find tcl, though. The makefile differentiates tclx and tclsh).
flite-1.2-release.tar.gz (text-to-speech synthesizer) builds on cygwin nicely as well
(well, almost nicely if you neglect long building time and some warnings).
eflite-0.3.6.tar.gz (emacspeak interface to efllte) fails because
of cygwin missing _daemon symbol + libflite.a missing windows-ce(?) symbols (_waveOut.* etc). 
As another free approach, there's also the Emacspeak+Festival+Mbrola (Mbrola license alert) 
direction, but I never tried that on cygwin.


> And btw. is somebody on the list who uses a Hercules Game Theater XP
> soundcard?
> Thanks in advance
> Arno
> -- 
> Arno Schuh, Staden 42, 54439 Saarburg, Germany
> Tel +49 6581 3944 Fax +49 1212 518426019
> d gze lbc ] 6e 6z>e ket( v -pa~tc gghc

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