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Setup reinnstall cygwin and uw-imap-imapd packages

I've just done an update of Cygwin using setup v2.340.2.5.

While setup was uninstalling uw-imap-imapd a pop-up appeared with the title of "sh.exe" saying "The Dynamic link library cygwin1.dll coulc not be found in specified path C:\cygwin\bin;.;C:\WINNT\system23..."

My hypothesis from reading the section of setup.log (attached) is that since setup was updating cygwin and some other packages it had removed cygwin1.dll and then it tried to uninstall uw-imap-imapd which has an uninstall sh script which could not run because cygwin1.dll has already been removed.

The uninstall of uw-imap-imapd tries to run /etc/preremove/ which removes sym links. The postinstall script replaces the links no matter what so there is no harm done.

It appears that there is a logic problem if setup can remove cygwin1.dll and then continue to try to run cygwin applications. If setup is to be idiot proof then maybe this logic needs a little attention.

Thanks to everyone who is involved in creating and enhancing Cygwin. It is a fantastic utility set which I have used since b19 and it is always getting better!

Mark Himsley

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