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Apache/PHP installation puzzle

Fellow Cygwinners!

Now I fully expect to be told to RTFM --- but here goes anyway!

I've installed Cygwin on a W2K workstation primarily for the purpose of running 
Postgres and for this it works admirably. All installations have worked 

Encouraged by the performance of Cygwin I decided that I would replace the 
local Windows IIS 'Personal Web Server' with Apache +PHP.  I started the Setup 
program, selected Apache and the PHP library and initiated the installation.  
The installation reported complete with no errors or warnings.  I started the 
Apache server and accessing 'localhost/index.html' produced the desired result -
 Apache is up and running.  I then wrote the approved php test script ( <?
phpinfo()?> ) and pointed the browser to 'localhost/tester.php'.  No PHP!!  I 
checked the /etc/postinstall directory and the presence of apache-php-sh.done 
rather indicates that installation was OK.  To check I deleted this file, re-
installed the PHP library alone and, again, installation appears OK with no 
errors.  I checked in the setup logs - again, no errors.  However, nowhere on 
the system is the a libphp4 of any description to be found and so I can't see 
how I can add the LoadModule line to the httpd.conf file.

I've spent a couple of hours Googling and searching the mail archives but have 
not seen this problem refered to anywhere else. I would appreciate a nudge in 
the right direction,



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