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Re: Find: missing alphabetically last dirtree

Hi Hannu and Chris -

Please see my comments below.

Hannu E K Nevalainen (garbage mail) wrote:
From: []On Behalf
Of Christopher Faylor


Well, I'm fresh out of ideas, then.  I'm back to being unable to fix what
I can't duplicate.

:?7 sorry to hear that...

I did try another thing; copy the contents of the CD to a FAT32(D:) and a
NTFS(F:) partition and then try my script on the result, using the
2003-09-12 snapshot. Dunno if this tells us anything, but I was a bit
Outcome: FAT32 AND NTFS - find works as it should.

Guess: there is something peculiar with the CDROM fs or contents!
You may be on to something here...

I've been watching this thread the last couple of days and refrained
from jumping in since I'm not entirely clear on the specifics of this
issue, but this latest message threw up another red flag that made me
think I might want to chime in.

I've recently been playing with CD images and ISO image programs and
found out that Microsoft often uses an internal app called cdimage.exe
to generate the ISO images they use for CD distributions.  This program
has some 'extended features' that are supposedly NOT ISO-9660 compliant.
 One in particular allows you to 'compress' the image by scanning for
identical files in the potential image and then only inserting the file
data into the image once, while creating directory pointers to it 'from
multiple locations.'  Basically, something that sounds a lot like hard
linking.  The documentation I read stated that this DEFINITELY was not
standard ISO-9660.  I was a bit surprised at that (not knowing much
about ISO-9660), and I don't know how reliable that doc was, so I'm
taking it with a grain of salt.

If you haven't already Hannu, I would suggest you find a CD (or few)
from another manufacturer or that you know is ISO-9660 compliant and
test against that.  You very well may find some different results.

Or perhaps I don't have any clue what I'm talking about with respect to
your actual problem. ;-)  Wouldn't be the first time!


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