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Potential exim/minires VPN problem


On my laptop, exim/minires has transient DNS lookup problems when I'm
VPN-ed into my company's network, but does not exhibit this behavior
when I'm directly connected to it.

When VPN-ed, I get errors like the following:

    2003-09-12 15:07:36 HL47SO-00014S-5P <= H=( [] P=smtp S=882
    2003-09-12 15:08:01 HL47SO-00014S-5P == R=send_to_gateway defer (-36): host lookup for did not complete (DNS timeout?)

However, if I run the following:

    $ exim -qqff

then the mail is successfully sent:

    2003-09-12 15:08:12 Start queue run: pid=2500 -qqff
    2003-09-12 15:08:13 HL47SO-00014S-5P => R=send_to_gateway T=remote_smtp [XX.XX.XX.XX]
    2003-09-12 15:08:13 HL47SO-00014S-5P Completed
    2003-09-12 15:08:13 End queue run: pid=2500 -qqff

I can also workaround the problem by creating an /etc/resolv.conf file.

Any ideas on how to further debug this problem?


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