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RE: cron: can't switch user context

Actually, I'd suggest googling, especially when you're asking if 
the issue you're having is a known problem or if there are any 
work-arounds.  In this case, you'd find all sort of references to
Windows 2003 and services that need to be able to switch user contexts.


This one talks about ssh but it's the same issue.  Follow the instructions
there for creating a privileged user that you can run cron as and you 
should have your solution.  It's easy to look for this sort of stuff.
Try it.

I'd suggest you run Mark's script as well though and provide feedback.
It would be good to know if it thinks there's anything else that might
be wrong too.


At 11:57 AM 9/10/2003, Harig, Mark you wrote:
>I cannot see the source of your problem from
>the cygcheck listing.  However, you are 
>running a Windows .NET server.  I do not know
>what effect that might have on cron.
>Please run the attached
>script.  It is the latest version.  I would
>like for you to eliminate the possibility
>that you ran an earlier version.
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: René Haber []
>> Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2003 1:06 PM
>> To:
>> Subject: cron: can't switch user context
>> Hello
>> I've got Cygwin runnig on Windows 2003 and wanted to use the cron
>> daemon. I installed it via
>>    cygrunsrv -I "CYGWIN crond" -p /usr/sbin/cron.exe -a -D
>> as a NT-Service. Then I added a cronjob via "crontab -e" (I was logged
>> in as Administrator)
>>    5 * * * * echo "test" > test.txt
>> after that, I started the cron-service and waited for the test-job to
>> complete. But instead of doing the job cron complaind in the Syslog
>> about
>>      Ereignisinformationen: /USR/SBIN/CRON : PID 228 : (CRON) 
>> error (can't switch user context).
>> I checked my install via a shellscript ( I found in
>> the Mailing-List Archiv, but it didn't find a problem.
>> Is there a solution to this Problem or a work-around?
>> Thanks.
>> René Haber
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