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ncurses line drawing characters terminfo problem?

Hi folks,

First off thanks all for the continuing good work on Cygwin and all its

I have a question regarding ncurses...

When I run the test executables in /bin/ncurses-test-dll, line-drawing
graphics characters come out as high-ascii latin-1 characters, e.g.
capital As with umlauts or upside-down question marks.

This behaviour is the same in Windows console windows and in rxvt in
Windows mode (haven't tried it in X mode). I've tried various settings for
the TERM variable (cygwin, xterm, ansi, vt100) and although they all
display different characters, none of them actually come out with line art

I've also tried changing my font from Lucida Console to Raster Fonts in
the hope that might make a difference, but it doesn't.

I haven't messed with my terminfo/termcap; any ideas what's going wrong?

Thanks in advance,

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