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RE: cygwin1.dll - debug version (RE: similar crash in mmap for 1.5.3-1)

> From: []On Behalf
> Of Christopher Faylor

> >Idea, to help debug things like the above:
> >
> > Alt 1) Make an _unstripped_ cygwin1.dll available in a package named
> >        "cygwin-DEBUG-dll" or some such. Also make it be
> "TEST/Exp" forever.
> > Alt 2) Have an unstripped cygwin1-DEBUG.dll added to the basic package,
> >        add a simple "cygswapdll" utility.
> >
> >Is this a Good or Bad idea?
> The new version of binutils allows you to strip debug information and put
> it in a separate file. Then you can provide that file to gdb and use it
> for debugging.

 Right, now that you mention it I remember seeing it. My ideas ran obsolete
already in the start ':-> .

> However, like everything there are two problems 1) lack of tuit cycles and
> 2) it won't stop people from running gdb on their binaries and reporting
> that strdup is causing a problem in mmap.  There will still be a "download
> the debug info" step no matter what.
> cgf

 Most likely... Some wording regarding "download the debug info" needs to be
added to "problems.html" - I guess.

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, B.Sc. EE - 59?16.37'N, 17?12.60'E

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