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Re: bug in libintl2 0.12.1-3

Uwe Stöhr wrote:

I'm stumped too, because I thaught testing means to test it with all
character sets.

Did you read this?

>>school spanish was a long time ago. I've often
>>said that perhaps I'm not the best person to
>>maintain these two packages...

If you'd like to take over maintaining libiconv and gettext -- please, volunteer -- subject to the approval of the cygwin-apps mailing list. I don't routinely use alternate character sets. I don't have cygwin-TeX or LyX or any GUI apps [except xfig] installed. And I sure as hell am not going to install 150 MB of stuff I won't use, simply to test alternate character sets in LyX...

I rely on the hours-long internal test suite that ships with gettext. Cygwin's build doesn't pass all of the tests, only about 98% of them. Perhaps your problem is covered in the other 2%, and downloading and building and running the testsuite will help you track down the problem and provide a fix.

Or, perhaps the problem you observe is caused by a bug that is not exercised in the test suite. If so, then perhaps you could provide a patch and a testcase to go with it, that Bruno [the "real" maintainer of gettext] would be happy to accept.

FWIW, libiconv does seem to pass all of its internal tests.


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