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mozilla displays wrong headers from uw-imap (12/31/1969, blank subject)

Hey, all.

Fetchmail gets my mail via pop3 and sends them to either tmail or dmail (I've used both.) The logs look just fine, but says "bare LF only" and I don't know if that is a problem. The mail ends up where the uw-imap readme says it will, in /var/mail/<username>. I log in successfully with both Mozilla and Pegasus Mail and the messages have blank headers except for the date, which is 12/31/1969. When I open the messages, the headers look okay, the date and time are accurate, but moving the message to another folder corrupts the message and, it appears, only moves the body over, not the headers.

I have tried all kinds of fixes:

- mounted mail directories in binary mode
- messed with tmail and dmail, different arguments, no arguments
- used procmail instead of fetchmail to send to tmail/dmail
- tried formatting the messages with procmail before sending them to tmail/dmail in case the bare LF is a problem
- looked at the mailbox to find any inconsitencies in the format

I have read everything I could find and the answer eludes me. Any advice, please?

Thanks for reading,


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