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Re: bug in "ar" when creating libraries on cross linked filesystems


the output of "which ar" under cygwin is:
  ar is /usr/bin/ar
  ar is /bin/ar
... both are cygwin directories.

The idea with "TMPDIR=. ar cq libdh.a a.o b.o" of Igor points in the right direction but it did not work ...
maybe "rename" is not looking for the environment variable "TMPDIR".
I still get the error message "ar: libdh.a: rename: Cross-device link" and the resulting library
is empty. But as a workaround I changed the makefiles to create the library in "/tmp" and then I
moved the result to ".":
  ar cq /tmp/libdh.a a.o b.o
  mv /tmp/libdh.a libdh.
... this is ugly but it works.

Now I found out that also the program "ranlib.exe" has this renaming problem. I think that the "rename" command
of libc is broken or "Services for Unix from Microsoft" is buggy. Maybe it is more successful to make the rename
command in "libc" more robust than waiting for a bugfix from Microsoft ...

Thanks for your ideas and help

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                                                          Subject:    Re: bug in "ar" when creating libraries on cross linked filesystems                 
               Ronald Landheer-Cieslak                    Classification:                                                                                 
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               05.09.2003 16:41                                                                                                                           
               Please respond to cygwin                                                                                                                   

I can't reproduce the problem and don't see anything out of the ordinary in
your cygcheck output.
Could you do a
$ which ar
and see if you're really working with Cygwin's ar?

(I've just read Igor's reply - interesting hunch, but I'd have expected to
be able to reproduce the problem..)


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