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Re: pthread_mutex_lock error

Sad but true. When I finally did what I should have done to start with, I quickly found that I had managed to include the wrong version of cygwin1.dll in my binary. I then found I also had to add cygreadline5.dll and cygncurses6.dll, but that was easy enough. No doubt the latter was documented somewhere else I didn't look, ;) but it didn't take any time to fix anyway.

The reason for not running cygcheck was that this was someone else's box and didn't have cygwin installed. Once it was installed, it didn't take me long to spot that the two versions of cygwin1.dll had different timestamps, which quickly led me to the resolution.

So thank you for your help and patience.


Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 04:31:35PM +0100, Rob Clack wrote:

So I'm stuck now as to how to proceed. Or does your return post, Christopher, mean the answer is there if I only look in the right place?

You said that you had no idea how to diagnose the problem.  I pointed you
at the page which talks about diagnosing problems.  You haven't read it
thoroughly, obviously.  It talks about information that should be in
every problem report, like attached cygcheck output.
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