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Re: Cygwin doesn't show .. in all directories

I don't see it when I just mount to a directory (i.e. "ls -al /usr/bin" 
shows "." and "..").  I do see it if I mount a drive and then "ls -al"
the newly mounted directory, regardless of the format (well NTFS or FAT,
don't know about FAT32).  Looks to me like the problem occurs if the 
Win32 path contains the drive specification.  But that's just the result
of some quick checking.



At 10:28 PM 9/7/2003, David O'Shea you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I didn't see a response to this query.  Can someone at least confirm
>that this appears to be a valid bug (just mount some directories and
>take a look I guess!)?  Once that happens I can look at how to fix it.
>I had a quick look at the code a month ago and thought it would
>probably be hard to fix but I guess a challenge would be good :)
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>From: "David O'Shea" <>
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>Sent: Sunday, August 10, 2003 5:26 PM
>Subject: Cygwin doesn't show .. in all directories
>> Hi all,
>> Apologies if this is old news, but I couldn't find mention of it in
>> the FAQ or mailing list archives.
>> I have my F: mounted at /backup under Cygwin.  When I 'ls -al
>> there is no '.' or '..' entry in /backup, I guess because they are
>> there physically and hence not reported by Windows (FAT filesystems
>> never have a '.' or '..' in the root directory as far as I know).
>> Linux, every directory, including the root directory '/', has a '.'
>> and '..' entry, so I guess for consistency they ought to be there.
>> This is an issue for me because in MToolsFM, which allows you to
>> graphically browse your directories (plus browse directories via
>> 'mtools'), you go up a directory by double-clicking on a '..' entry
>> the list of directory contents.  I imagine that if MToolsFM was
>> to show a '..' entry even if it didn't see one in the filesystem,
>> things would work, since 'cd ..' works fine when I am in the /backup
>> directory (I guess Cygwin doesn't actually look for the directory
>> entry '..', it just goes up a directory).
>> Of course I don't know if it might be the case that applications
>> shouldn't assume that all *nix-ish platforms have a directory entry
>> pointing to the parent directory.  Either way, please let me know!
>> Thanks in advance,
>> David
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