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RE: Newby: setting up SSH

You're best bet is to enable verbose mode for ssh (-v -v -v) and see what 
the client thinks it's finding.  My WAG is that it's actually failing 
public key authentication and asking you for a password for authentication
instead.  But the output of the above will indicate whether my WAG is 
true or not.


At 03:49 PM 9/3/2003, Nadia Kunkov you wrote:
>Thank you so much.  It of course worked!
>Now I have another problem.  I've set up public/private keys and since I need to set up an automated file transfer I didn't enter a passphrase.
>When it asked for passphrase while creating keys I pressed enter.
>Now, when I try to connect and specify the identity file it keeps asking me for a passphrase.  What did I do wrong?  I need to do away with all the prompts.
>Thanks for your advice.
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>From: Larry Hall []
>Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2003 8:40 PM
>To: Nadia Kunkov;
>Subject: Re: Newby: setting up SSH
>At 09:04 AM 9/2/2003, Nadia Kunkov you wrote:
>>Hi, I'm new to SSH.  I've just installed Cygwin on my Win2000 workstation.
>>My goal is to connect to it from Linux box and copy files from Linux to
>>Win2000.  I can connect to my windows box from Linux and browse the
>>directories.  But I need to set up and automated file transfer and therefore public and private keys.
>>I think my set up is not complete/correct.
>>When I run ssh localhost on my win2k  I see a message:
>>Cannot create directory /cygdrive/h/username: no such file or dir
>>Well it's looking at h drive and I need it to look at c drive.  Where do I change that?  Also, the authorized_keys file should reside in my home
>>directory, will that be /cygdirve/c/username/.ssh?
>>It also says that user name or group hasn't been setup correctly.  What
>>should I do to set it all up?
>>Thanks in advance.
>Change your home directory in /etc/passwd to be '/cygdirve/c/username'.
>You're obviously working with a domain user account.  See 'man mkpasswd'
>and 'man mkgroup' for information on how to setup up these files for
>domain users.  
>You can find allot of answers to questions like these by searching the
>email archives (from the Cygwin site or via Google).
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