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RE: sshd "PrintLastLog yes"

On Sun, 7 Sep 2003, Larry Hall wrote:

> At 05:30 AM 9/7/2003, Fermin Sanchez you wrote:
> >Hello Corinna
> >
> >> > I added/uncommented "PrintLastLog yes" in /etc/sshd_config and
> >> > restarted
> >> PrintLastLog defaults to yes so that shouldn't be necessary.
> >
> >Yes, I just wanted to be sure.
> >
> >> > Any hints where I should start looking (rtfm didn't bring
> >> > any results,
> >> > neither did a quick google).
> >> I'm using 3.6.1p2, too, obviously and I'm getting the last
> >> log message.
> >> Any chance you have a problem with /var/log/lastlog?  Did you
> >> delete it after starting sshd?  Permissions?
> >
> >ls -l /var/log/lastlog shows:
> >-rw-r--r--    1 Administ Domain U        0 Sep  6 17:52 lastlog
> >
> >I did a chmod 664 on /var/log/lastlog, now it works. Thank you again!
> >One good side effect: I'm going to put all this information into a "how
> >to install and run cygwin and sshd on a Windows Server 2003 Domain
> >Controller" ;-)
> It would be great to see this as an addition to the Cygwin docs and/or
> automated by the post-install script too.  Just a thought.
> Larry Hall

Please, please, please don't put this in a postinstall script.  I, for
one, would not want any postinstall script to muck around with my
directory and file permissions (as I don't have any control over whether
that script runs).  I'd suggest putting it into ssh-host-config instead
(and, of course, the README file for those who prefer to configure sshd
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