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Problem with COM1 port from with GDB 5.3 under Cygwin 1.5.3-1

I upgraded my Cygwin installation two days ago (Thursday, September 4) to the new 1.5.3-1 version, from the previous 1.3.?-? version.

This broke a self-compiled (under the previous 1.3.?-? version of Cygwin) version of GDB compiled for "arm-elf" that I use.

It seems to me that GDB simply fails to communicate with the COM1 serial when trying to make an "RDI" (Angel Debug) connection.

I have recompiled my GNU tools with the with the new version of Cygwin, but I have the same problem.

I do not have any Cygwin programs handy that I can use to try to use the COM1 port in some other way. If someone can suggest a simple test, I will try it.

Can other people use the COM1 port OK with the new Cygwin?


Unfortunately, I did not back up my Cygwin folder before doing the upgrade - too trusting I guess.

Is there an archive somewhere with all of the old stuff that can be used to resinstall the old version?

Fortunately, I still have some of the old modules, though - enough to run GDB under the old Cygwin. From this I know that the problem is not with the target board or the serial port on my PC.


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