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Re: FQDN hostname

On Sat, Sep 06, 2003 at 09:45:52AM +0200, Kilian CAVALOTTI wrote:
> I'd like to know why the cygwin hostname can't take any argument.

The GNU source code in sh-utils as well as in the latest coreutils
has no such argument as --fqdn or --long.

> I need to
> see if my FQDN win32 hostname is properlly configured, and all what I can
> see using 'hostname' is just the netbios name. Is it possible to see (and
> maybe set) the full hostname with cygwin ?

Not yet.  The Windows API is a bit weird coming to that.  Especially
new APIs are available since W2K so there's no unified access to that
stuff on all supported Windows systems.

> Is it possible to bypass this behaviour, and force OE to send its full
> qualified domain name, when it says HELO ? And I assume that cygwin and OE
> use the same kind of method to retrieve the hostname.

Dunno but I actually doubt that Cygwin and OE are using the same API.
Cygwin still uses old Winsock1 functionality, OE probably the new API
for DNS queries if available.  You should ask OE questions better in a
related Microsoft newsgroup.


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