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About the fish crashes (was Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Available for test:lftp-2.6.6-1)

Mark Blackburn wrote:

> -When using the fish protocol, lftp causes a segfault when
> copying a file to the host (put operation). Smaller files
> (<6k) will work OK. But anything larger causes a segfault for
> me.

I also noticed that the ssh process uses all CPU while the file
is being transferred. I tested with 2 files:

lftp> put /usr/bin/perl.exe
17408 bytes transferred in 46 seconds (377b/s)

Also, the trasfers take a very long time, but not with plain
scp (I have 128Kbps for upload):

lynx.exe.7z                                   100%  663KB  14.9KB/s   00:44

But when I tried a larger file:

679568 Sep  4 02:25 lynx.exe.7z

lftp> put /d/cygwin/lynx/download/lynx.exe.7z
Segmentation fault (core dumped) at 131072 (19%) eta:15m [Sending data]

The strange thing is that ls reported:

-rw-r--r--    1 pervalid users       13134 Sep  4 20:56 lynx.exe.7z

I thought 131072 were transferred.

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