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Re: strange cut and paste between windows and xemacs after upgradeto 1.5.3

Thomas Pfaff wrote:

After upgrading my cygwin release box from 1.33.2 to 1.5.3 i see a strange cut and paste probleme between xemacs 21.4.13 and windows.

Cut and paste from and to windows works as long as xemacs does not fork a child process. After a fork of a shell, gdb or gnuserv the actual clipboard content is lost and cut and paste works only inside xemacs.


I reported the same problem a month or so ago.

You can avoid the problem by adding evaluating
  (setq process-connection-type nil)

before a child process is created. This forces XEmacs to use pipes instead of ptys for the child process communications.

However, I've noticed that tramp does not work with this setting, so I've gone back to the default "t" value. There may be other things which don't work correctly this way, too. Shell mode works fine for me, though.

What I've been doing as a work-around is using /dev/clipboard from within XEmacs. To copy, highlight the region and then do

    u2d >/dev/clipboard

To paste, drop a mark with C-space, then do

    C-u M-|
    cat </dev/clipboard

Alternatively, you could use getclip.exe and putclip.exe.

Not exactly convenient or quick, but it works. I have yet to wrap this up into elisp functions to bind to keys, but I will probably do that unless I can figure out what's wrong with XEmacs. If you do that, please share.


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