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Re: How to compile static to avoid the need for cygwin1.dll

This is the seccond post that i do and you ever respond. Thanks you Igor!
Ivan from Argentina

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

On Thu, 4 Sep 2003, Ivan Hernandez wrote:

Hello! i'm trying searchs in google to find info on how to compile
statically linked binary files on cugwin in order to avoid the need of
having cygwin1.dll with my programs. I need it because some people is
alergic to thing that don't understand, and i will not code twice things
that are already done in *nix and compiles with cygwin!
Please, if someone knows something better than the old -static thing for
the gcc let me know!

Ivan Hernandez


Cygwin doesn't support static linkage with the Cygwin runtime functions.
If you want to build applications that are independent of Cygwin, you may
try using MinGW (by installing the gcc-mingw packages and passing the
"-mno-cygwin" flag to gcc). Be aware, though, that you won't get full
POSIX emulation with MinGW. See <> for details. Please
report any resulting MinGW problems to the mingw-users list.

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