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Re: DDD 3.3.7 compiles ootb (was - RE: DDD 3.3.5 success)

On Wed, 3 Sep 2003, Richard Campbell wrote:

> I was just able to build DDD 3.3.7 from sourceforge out of the box,
> and was able to attach and step through a simple hello world program
> with it.
> Caveats:
> 1) I haven't upgraded to cygwin 1.5 yet.
> 2) I have every cygwin binary package setup will let you install
>         installed.
> 3) The INSTALL says to use "bash ./configure" instead of "./configure"
>         on cygwin.
> -Richard Campbell.


FWIW, I think #3 was the main gotcha.  #2 is also relevant, as the poster
that started this thread seemed to not have XFree86-devel installed.  I
doubt #1 matters, though.

Now, does anyone care to package it? ;-)
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