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Re: NEW: cygipc-2.01-2 [Requires cygwin-1.5.3+]

Robert Groenewegen wrote:

Sorry if this reply bothers you.

Please keep cygwin messages on the cygwin list.

Please, can you inform me (and the rest of the Cygwin community) if
this solves the issue with Postgresql?

Nowadays, when you want to activate Postgresql you have to install
the package from "". It can be done (at least, even I
managed to do this) but it is not so nice and easy as the other
cygwin packages.

You still have to set up your system, add appropriate permissions to the account under which ipc-daemon2 will run, install ipc-daemon2 as a service, etc. See the README.

But yes, now you can just point and click to download and unpack (I won't call it "installing") cygipc.

In the documentation of Postgresql (at least 6
months ago) the author had written that he would compile against
CYGIPC untill cygipc is part of the Cygwin packages ...

I think he said that he would continue to build postgresql against cygipc until cygipc's *replacement*, cygserver, went "gold" -- regardless of whether cygipc was distributed via or via the "normal" cygwin mirrors.

So, yes, postgresql still needs cygipc -- only now, it's easier to obtain.


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