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Rsync / incorrect uids

Hi all, I searched the archives but couldn't see anything related to this.
Rsync isn't "mapping" uids on my setup and I was wondering if anyone knew

My setup is this:

Redhat 8 Linux server running samba in NT-domain PDC mode
Windows XP running very latest cygwin (downloaded a couple of days ago)
Rsync server running on the linux server, with this config:

   path = /somewhere/user-backups
   uid = root
   gid = users
   read only = no
   list = yes
   auth users = backupuser
   secrets file = blah.scrt
   hosts allow =

doing a ls -l of the files I want to backup gives me this:

drwx------+   2 dylan    mkgroup         0 Jun 27 15:00 ApplicationHistory

all ownership seems to be "dylan" so

id dylan gives me the uid 12000, but that's just the NT Domain login user id
that's been mapped by cygwin.  The uid for the username "dylan" on the linux
box is 500.

I perform the rsync command (with "-a") and there are no errors, then ls -l
on the linux server and I get this:

drwx------    3 12000    12013           4096 Sep 2 22:11 ApplicationHistory

Its although its running with the option --numeric-ids

The manual says that if the user name or group name doesn't exist on the
destination system, numeric ids will be mapped directly so is it "not
finding" the group name and then not even bothering to try and match the
user name?

Does this mean I have to create dummy group names such as "mkgroup" and
"SYSTEM" on the linux box?


Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert.

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