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"info" correction for french environment


I don't think someone posted it yet,
but there is a mistake with the creation of the `dir' file in `/usr/info' 
directory, when you install Cygwin in a french environment.
In fact, the dir file that is automatically generated by, is 
corrupted so that you can't use info normally then : when you type
bash$ info
info can't find the "Top" node

to correct this, 2 possibilities :
 * edit your `/usr/info/dir' file
and replace the line (almost at the top)
File: dir,	Node: Top\tCeci est le haut de l'arborescence INFO
by this one (with a real tabulation and not a \t tab escape character)
File: dir,	Node: Top	Ceci est le haut de l'arborescence INFO 
then you can execute your and everything will be ok
but if you want then to generate a new `dir' file in another info directory 
with install-info.exe, it will be corrupted too... so
 * you can modify the `' file that contains the template used to 
create the `dir' file
you'll find it in /usr/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/
edit it, search for tCeci (for example), and such as with the `dir' file, 
replace the `\t' characters by a real tabulation and add a space character 
somewhere (before Ceci or after INFO for example) to compensate the loose of 
one character.
then you can execute if you hadn't chosen the first 

Hope this helps


c'est vrai que j'aurais pu l'ecrire en français etant donne que ca ne semble 
concerner que les francophones...

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