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Re: Installation problems

On Mon, 1 Sep 2003, Hoyt Bailey wrote:

> I am running Windows XP with 512MB.  I downloaded from the VA mirror and all
> seemed to go well no problems.  I downloaded setup.exe and it took over and
> installed the rest from the internet.  When completed I clicked on the
> Desktop Icon and got the following:
> /bin/find: /etc/profile.d: No such file or directory.
> Hoyt@blackgold ~

Ignore this.  This is simply a warning from the part of /etc/profile
that's supposed to run helper scripts for various applications, which
reside in /etc/profile.d.  This message means that you haven't installed
any applications that use this directory (and thus, this directory didn't
get created).  I've notified the maintainer of the "base-files" package of
this warning.

> Futher checking showed that /etc/profile does exist and is readable at least
> with cat. (/etc/profile.d does not exist).

This just confirms the above.

> Other problems discovered ls only works if you give it a directory ls
> (dosent) ls /etc (works).

This is strange.  Are you running the right "ls"?  What is the exact
message you get when ls doesn't work?  Where are you running "ls" from --
a bash shell, or a Windows command prompt (cmd.exe)?  If from a bash
shell, what is the output of "/bin/pwd; type -a ls; /bin/ls ."?

Also, please (re)read the problem reporting guidelines at
<>, especially the bit about attaching (as
an uncompressed text *attachment*) the output of "cygcheck -svr".  This
output will contain the information that'll help in diagnosing your

> Passwd works but it changes my login password to Windows.

As it should.  For more information, "man passwd".

> There is no root user and mkuser doesnt work.

Cygwin has neither a root user nor the mkuser command.  There are multiple
users in Windows with various capabilities that the root user usually has,
the exact one to use depends on why you need to be root.

> Commands less, more, dir were not recognized.

Most likely you didn't install the "less", "more", and "fileutils"
packages.  The cygcheck output mentioned above will either confirm or deny

> I dont
> think I am in cygwin but I have no idea where I am.

Judging by the prompt included above you *are* in a Cygwin bash shell.
Your other problems most likely have reasonably easy solutions, as long as
we have the cygcheck output to tell us the exact configuration of your
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