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Re: display remote X client on cygwin machine's display?

On Sun, 31 Aug 2003 wrote:

> i have cygwin installed on my win2k box, and KDE-cygwin too, which work
> fine. When I ssh to my favorite linux-based server and run gnucash, I
> get "Gtk-WARNING" **: cannot open display:". Then I run KDE-cygwin and
> ssh to the same server from a Konsole, but I get the same error when I
> run gnucash. Yet this works when ssh'ing from my linux-based laptop,
> which runs KDE. Is there a way with cygwin to display X clients I launch
> on a remote machine on the local display?
> best,
> cyggie

You'll find more expertise on this subject on the cygwin-xfree list (which
deals with all issues XFree86).  I'm redirecting your message there.
Please remove <cygwin at cygwin dot com> from further replies.
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