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Compiling Iroffer with a fresh install of cygwin


Before reinstalling cygwin I can compile iroffer without any problem:

I reinstall cygwin (default install and Under devel: binutils, gcc, make 
Under libs: crypt, regex)

Now, I have a problem with configure. It did not find standard library 
as you can see :

Determining OS... CYGWIN_NT-5.1
Checking for cygwin >= 1.1.7... OK, 1.3.22
Checking for make... found make
Checking for gcc/cc... found gcc
Seeing if gcc works... yes
Seeing if gcc accepts '-Wall'... yes
Seeing if gcc accepts '-Werror'... yes
Seeing if compiling with standard #include's works...  ***ERROR***: 
couldn't build with standard #include's
Seeing how large FD_SETSIZE is...  64, Boosting up to 255
Seeing if large file support works... No.  Max filesize will be 2GB.
Determing the signedness of 'addrlen'... Unknown. ***ERROR***: neither 
signed or unsigned worked.
Checking for snprintf()... missing, will emulate
Checking for strsignal()... missing, will emulate
Checking for regcomp()... Missing. ***ERROR***: couldn't find regcomp()
Seeing if 'crypt.h' is needed... needed
Seeing if '-lcrypt' is needed... needed
Checking for chroot()... missing, will desactivate chroot()-ing
Seeing if NSS libraries exist... missing
Checking for setuid()... missing, will desactivate setuid()-ing
Checking for name of fd limit... neither work, thats not good
Checking for siginfo_t/sa_sigaction... missing, will use lame signal 
Checking for si_code values... missing, won't report si_codes
Seeing of TOS can be set for IP sockets... no
Creating Makefile... Done

!!!!!WARNING!!!!!  one or more errors occured, guesses for those values 
that failed were included.
You may need to manually edit the first 6 lines of the makefile to 
remove defines or libraries

Perhaps I must edit the 6 lines as configure said but I have no problem 
before so I hope to compile iroffer without this manipulation.

Is there a problem with the fresh install of cygwin ?

Thanks for your help
Sorry for my english.


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