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Getting fetchmail to work with smtp when mail server already running in XP


I've installed cygwin on Windows XP and love it. I am trying to get
fetchmail to work with smtp. I am running my own smtp server in XP (Mercury)
as I have my own dynamic IP from I am using Outlook to send and
receive mail for my domain. I also am trying to download pop mail from
another account into cygwin so I can do some stuff with it with procmail and
perl. Fetchmail does download the mail, but to where, I have no idea,
because it doesn't show up as far as I can tell. I know I can set up some
smtp capabilities in cygwin, but that would collide with the mail server I
am running in XP. Have I worked myself into a corner? Anyone have any ideas?

The fetchmail manpage says:

	 As  each  message is retrieved fetchmail normally delivers
       it via SMTP to port 25 on the machine  it  is  running  on
       (localhost), just as though it were being passed in over a
       normal TCP/IP link.   The  mail  will  then  be  delivered
       locally  via  your system's MDA (Mail Delivery Agent, usu-
       ally sendmail(8) but your system may use a  different  one
       such  as  smail, mmdf, exim, or qmail).  All the delivery-
       control  mechanisms  (such  as  .forward  files)  normally
       available  through  your  system  MDA  and  local delivery
       agents will therefore work.

       If no port 25 listener is available,  but  your  fetchmail
       compilation  detected  or  was told about a reliable local
       MDA, it will use that MDA for local delivery instead.

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