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Re: ctrl-c swallowed

On Sun, 31 Aug 2003, Anders Lindén wrote:

> Hello!
> When I use the Programs->cygwin->cygwin bash shell, I get a console
> window with a bash shell, but ctrl-c presses never reaches the
> applications. I presume that it is the bash application that swallows
> them, or?
> When I run bash in xfree (shipped with cygwin), the problem is not
> there, ctrl-c presses is reaching the application.  However, I need to
> use the console.
> Any suggestions?
> /Anders


Please (re)read the problem reporting guidelines at
<>, particularly the bit about attaching
(as an uncompressed text *attachment*) the output of "cygcheck -svr".
This output will contain the information that would be helpful in
diagnosing this problem.

Also, what's the contents of your /cygwin.bat?
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