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Re: Newbie Help: IMAP Server

On Saturday, August 30, 2003, at 06:35 AM, Bill McCormick wrote:

1. How to I configure the IMAP demon, setup an account on it, etc.

start with 'man 8c uw-imapd' (and see docs in \usr\doc\Cygwin)

The docs leave out a few tricks you need to get the latest version working. First, you need to add Everyone to /etc/passwd. Corinna has already mentioned this is not ideal, but if you want this version of imapd to work, you need to do it anyway until it's fixed. Here's the line:


Other than that, the server just runs -- there are no configuration files or anything. By default it will use built-in Cygwin authentication, so use whatever username/password you would for the rest of the system. However, if you want to use CRAM-MD5 authentication, you need to patch the source. I wrote a temporary patch to get it working -- search the archive to find it.

2. How do I run it?

how about '/usr/sbin/uw-imapd.exe'

This will do nothing but let you interact with it on the console. IMAPD is an inetd-based service, and must be launched by inetd or xinetd. Read those docs in /usr/doc and it will say how to set up inetd to enable IMAP.

3. How do I configure it/cygwin so that is starts whenever the machine boots up?

cygrunsrv (see docs on this for how to setup cygwin services)

Note that you will be launching *inetd* as a service, not the IMAP server directly. So make sure you clean up your configuration for inetd if you're worried about security (by disabling the services in inetd which you don't want running).

If there's obvious docs that answer these, please point me in the right
direction :-)

You did the right thing. I spent several days getting uw-imapd running. It's a great server, but there are a couple glitches on Cygwin. I'd like to fix them myself if I can find some time...


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