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Newbie Help: IMAP Server

Hi there,

I'd like to get an IMAP Server up and running on my Windows desktop machine to serve up my old archived mail.

In the abscence of any obvious, decent Open Source IMAP Servers for native Windows, I turned to Cygwin.

Ideally, I want to be running either Cyrus or Courier, but after a cursory Google I couldn't find any examples of those being run on Windows or under Cygwin. That said, I'm sure either of them could be run under Cygwin, has anyone here managed it?

Anyway, failing that, I ran setup.exe and selected the various uw-imap packages.
The seemed to install fine but now I'm a bit miffed. I'm having a hard time finding installation and configuration docs for these packages.

That said, I think installed things okay, which leaves me with a few questions:

1. How to I configure the IMAP demon, setup an account on it, etc.

2. How do I run it?

3. How do I configure it/cygwin so that is starts whenever the machine boots up?

If there's obvious docs that answer these, please point me in the right direction :-)

Thanks for any help!


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