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Re: list manager: please remove e-mail address from 2003-08/msg01549

"Elfyn McBratney" wrote in">

> > > And for Krzysztof, please don't quote e-mail adresses
> > > in messages to lists.
> > The annoying thing here is that we have to use our real adresses. If
> > server allowed fake adresses, the problem would disapear. Do you
> > that replacing @ with (at) is of any help? I don't.
> And the point is?
> All that's requested is that people not quote e-mail addresses in
> If it's your own address, fair do's.  Go ahead.  Just don't make that
> decision for other people.  This is not directed at you personally,
> think of it as a public request.
> Thanks

Harvesters that you are so afraid of always read the "from" field in
message header. Look what's written there. See? How do you want your
adress to be protected if it can be extracted so easily from the header?

I ask again: why aren't fake adresses allowed? I'd love to know the policy
that stands behind it.

Krzysztof Duleba

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