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installation problem SOLVED

This is a follow-up to my own installation problem as reported in
to which no reply appeared here yet.

After a lot of attempts and a lot of persistence I discovered that the reason for all the strange behaviour was that some of the tarballs in the installation directory were missing.

So I went online again (at the office---I was doing an offline installation at home, where I only had a modem, so I didn't want to download 100s of MB that way) and fetched the stuff from zero into a new directory.

***And it was still incomplete!*** The problem is with the mirror, , because when I downloaded "everything" from it I got 125 MB, 117 files, 131 folders whereas when I downloaded everything from I got 198 MB, 149 files, 155 folders. Now, I can't say for sure that this second download isn't also missing something, but the first one certainly was.

My humble suggestion would be to add some kind of self check on what's there (e.g. a packing list, maybe just the setup.ini, with its MD5 hash) so that the setup program could ask the mirror "what are you giving me?" "the list of packages as of 2003-08-28" and the setup program could easily check if any are missing, in which case it might recommend another mirror.

I wasted a lot of time on this because I axiomatically assumed that the stuff I downloaded was complete and self-consistent, so I believe that a self-check at this level would be very useful.

It appears that in my case setup didn't bat an eyelash about the fact that setup.ini listed some files that the mirror was not actually supplying for download. I would have expected and welcomed a warning. Same applies to an install from the local directory, of course.

Frank (filologo disneyano)

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