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wtf 0.0.4-2 - Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Running wtf 0.0.4-2 on cygwin 1.3.22(0.78/3/2) under Windows 2000,looking
for an acronym which is not in a database gives me an error of "Segmentation
fault (core dumped)" if the unrecognised acronym is 'susea' or later.
I.E. a search for 'a' to 'susdzzzz' returns nothing (blank) while a search
for 'susea' to 'zzzzzzzz' errors as above.
Recognised acronyms e.g. 'wtf' and 'suse' are returned properly.
NB I do not have a .wtf in HOME, wtf is 'as installed'.

I am new to this list, please accept my apologies if this behaviour is
known. I have searched the list archive and not found any matches. Actually
there were a few unrelated messages with 'wtf' in them...

I found this idly checking a few things, I tried 'emacs' and got no output
and then tried 'vi' - where the error first appeared. Naturally I wondered
if this might indicate the preferred editor of Igor Pechtchanski? :-) Then I
checked further.

Bill Hughes

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