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Re: problems with make under cygwin

On Thu, 28 Aug 2003, Ricky Wildman wrote:

> Hi,
> I have recently installed cygwin and make components onto a PC.
> I have a working makefile for a set of Fortran programs that works
> fine with Solaris machine, but when I try these under cygwin I get
> the following error:
> Target pattern contains no '%'
> I'm a bit confused because I can't see any difference in the syntax
> required yet I get an error on one platform but not on the other. Perhaps
> there is a difference between gnumake and sun make?
> The relevant text in the makefile is
> ----makefile---
> [snip]
> ---makefile end---
> Cheers for any help
> Ricky

There are most definitely differences between GNU make and sun make.
However, I don't know if they manifest in your particular Makefile.  The
bit you posted was not enough to test anything with GNU make -- many
variable definitions were missing, plus you might want to attach the
Makefile next time, as line endings and tabs were screwed up by your

One thing I'd suggest, if you aren't already running GNU make on the Sun
machine ('make' is GNU make on our Solaris machine, for example) is try to
use 'gmake' or 'gnumake' on your Makefile and see if it works.  In any
case, note the versions of both make's, and compare the GNU one with the
one you have on Cygwin.

Another thing is line endings.  CRLF line endings sometimes affect make
adversely, so if your Makefile contains them, try to run make with the
Makefile on a text mount, or filter out the CRs (by using d2u or "sed

And a general advice on reporting Cygwin problems: read
<> and follow the recommendations there.
In particular, we know nothing about your environment (i.e., what your
PATH is, what version of Cygwin make you have installed, what MAKE_MODE is
set to, what your mounts are, etc, etc).  The output of "cygcheck -svr",
which the above document suggests you attach to your e-mail (as an
uncompressed text *attachment*) will contain most of this information.
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