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RE: Failing to delete files that is hold by makegroup

At 07:59 AM 8/26/2003 -0400, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
>Well, for one, why not use "rm -rf" instead?  I'm not at all sure the -d
>flag is even implemented on Cygwin.
>Also, the value "mkgroup_l_d" for your group means that your /etc/group
>doesn't contain the group of the file owner.  Please make sure it's up to
>date (see <>).

Hmm, having mkgroup_l_d will never cause any problem of this type.
Let me set the record straight.

mkgroup_l_d  *IS*  the group name in the /etc/group file, although
it is not the Windows group name (which was unknown at postinstall time).
The user has 100% functionality and can e.g. ssh or telnet to the
local machine and use cron. 
The main reason to run mk{passwd,group} -ld is aesthetic:
OTHER domain users and groups are unknown and ls -l might display ??????? 

In contrast when the group name is mkpasswd or mkgroup, the relevant 
file is indeed incomplete. Still, there should NOT be any problem running
programs from a shell but it will be impossible to use services
that setuid, such as sshd, telnetd, crond, etc...


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