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RE: Info

Thank you kind sir.  I certainly appreciate your assistance.  I am not a
Linux Guru, although some have referred to me as a M$ geek.  I know a thing
or three.  I have come to like Linux more'n more over the last few years.  I
have it as my primary OS now at home.  The office is still using Win2K for
now.  We'll see.  And Thanx again.

Kindest Regards,
Larry Patrick Johnson
Cell         402-301-4834
Office      402-331-2900
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From: 	Igor Pechtchanski [] 
Sent:	Tuesday, August 26, 2003 11:05 AM
To:	Larry Johnson at 066
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On Tue, 26 Aug 2003, it was written:

> I am a professor @ ITT Tech in Omaha Nebraska.  If you look @ a map of
> the USA, pick the center most spot.  That'll put you pretty close.  In
> any case, my point.  I'm interested in this CygWin software for a class
> on RedHat Linux 9.  I don't see any thing that would preclude us using
> it, but I did see that Redhat sells a version along with some support
> package.
> Can you verify that CygWin is Open Source.  I would not be able to use it
> license must be purchased by Corp HQ.  They probably wouldn't go for that.
> Kindest Regards,
> Professor Larry Patrick Johnson A+ / MCP

Well, if Cygwin isn't open-source, then what have I been checking out and
modifying all this time? ;-)

Seriously, though -- Cygwin is GPL'd software.  There's *usually* no need
to purchase the buyout license that RedHat offers.  Your students should
have no legal problems downloading Cygwin, installing it, and using it for
a class.

However, the GPL does contain some restrictions -- be sure to at least
read the GPL FAQ (search the list archives for a link).  One potential
pitfall (and IANAL, so please consult with one) is that if you distribute
the binaries to your students yourself (rather than point them to the
Cygwin site), you should also distribute the corresponding sources.
Another is that the code linked with the Cygwin DLL should adhere to a
certain type of licensing before being distributed (again, this is in the
FAQ).  Most people don't find these cumbersome, but do consult a lawyer if
you're worried or unsure.
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